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Expand boundaries by publishing all your sermons through our app for the entire world to access. Your church will have access to a dedicated portal for your staff to upload videos, images, and any other type of content.

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Publish all your sermons in our video platform with unlimited everything

Upload all your sermons and make unlimited updates - free of charge.

Unlimited Media Uploads
Upload as many pictures and videos as you need. We will host them all on our website.
Unlimited Sermon Uploads
Bring in as many sermons as you have! You can also attach multiple sermons to a sermon-series.
Mirror Existing Sermons
Have your sermon uploaded in another platform, like Vimeo or Youtube? No problem! We can mirror those videos for you so you do not have to worry about the migration process!
Unlimited Updates
Make as many updates as you want in our platform.
Unlimited User Accounts
Anyone in your staff can sign in to a dedicated portal and make updates on behalf of your church.
Captions and Transcript
Upload your video with us and have automatic (English) captions and transcript!

Our footprint

Our current footprint

Below is a snapshot of churches we are hosting. Our goal is to increase these numbers monthly while maintaining completely free services!

We are in the process of onboarding churches and generating stats. Please try again soon!

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